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  • Having high expectations for all children

  • Belief that all students can learn at high levels

  • Recognizing and celebrating student achievement and growth at all levels

  • Access points for students to receive positive feedback and recognition on  how to strive to be a Woodson scholar



  • The Carter G. Woodson Elementary School is not just a collection of adults, but an educational think tank.

  • Teamwork will be clear, challenging and consequential to hold everyone accountable and to enhance teaching and learning

  • Parents and community members are essential to our success. They are always valued and welcomed team members in the students success.



  • Every member of our school team takes ownership

  • We are transparent in our practice as we  stand firm in using researched based instructional strategies and data driven instruction

  • Instruction will be designed to include the arts and technology


  • Having regard for yourself and others

  • Accepting the right of others to hold different or opposing views

  • listening to others without interrupting

  • obeying school rules

  • acknowledging the strengths and abilities of students

  • affirming cultural diversity within the school community

Success for Woodson Scholars

  •  Students will be rewarded for hard work and effort


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